The Best and Worst Summer Drinks for Your Teeth 


Summertime means pool and beach parties with your friends and family and sipping on ice-cold beverages to escape the scorching heat. Unfortunately, although you might be waiting for the day you get to step on the stand and take a dip in the ocean, dental problems never take a vacation. Some popular summer drinks are the number one cause of tooth decay. 

If you want to protect your teeth from damage this summer, it is important to be educated about the drinks that are bad for your dental health. Sugary and acidic drinks are the biggest culprits but are great at hiding in fruity drinks. It also helps to go for a routine check-up at a Denver family dentist before officially starting your summer holidays.

Best summer drinks for your teeth 

  • Water. 

It may sound cliche, but water is the favorite drink of dentists in the summer. There is nothing like a chilled glass of water after being in the sun’s scorching heat all day. Water also washes away the bacteria and food particles in your mouth, keeping it clean. 

  • Iced green tea. 

If you like iced drinks in the summer, you cannot skip iced green tea. Unlike regular tea, it does not stain your teeth. You can also have it in the morning for a caffeine boost. Iced green tea is healthy for your body and can reduce inflammation and bacteria. 

  • Watermelon juice. 

One of the best choices for a healthy summer drink is watermelon juice. It is mostly water, contains low calories, and has a natural sweetness that does not harm your teeth or body. 

Worst summer drinks for your teeth 

  • Iced coffee. 

Many people love to order chilled iced coffees or Frappes at Starbucks or Barista. However, those are not healthy drinks for your body. These drinks contain large amounts of sugar and sweetened milk and are often topped with whipped cream. This is the perfect way to attract cavity-causing bacteria. 

  • Lemonade. 

Nothing says summer like lemonade. But, it is time to question whether lemonade is as good as people think. In reality, it is a punch to your dental health. It is made of citrus fruits, making it extremely acidic and bad for your enamel. Secondly, it contains high amounts of sugar and invites cavities. 

  • Sangria. 

Coffee is not the only stain-causing drink you must avoid this summer. Red wine is the key element in sangria, and you may have already heard about the staining qualities of the drink. Red wine can stain your teeth as well as cause enamel erosion. 

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