Dental Insurance Myths: Debunked 


Most people are aware of what their health insurance policy entails but have no idea how dental insurance coverages work. If you truly care about your teeth and gums and wish to preserve them for a long time, you must know what your dental policy covers and does not cover so you are not hit with any surprises later. 

There are several dental insurance myths out there, especially because of the many online articles containing misinformation. Separating the facts from the myths is important before you go for your next dental appointment. If you are confused, you can meet with your insurance adjuster and ask them to explain the terms. Or, you could also speak with your dentist in Northeast Philadelphia

Debunking dental insurance myths 

  • Dental insurance is the same as health insurance. 

This is the biggest and perhaps the most popular myth. Your dental insurance plan is completely different from your health insurance plan. Since a majority of your health-related costs are covered under the health insurance policy, it is easy to assume something like this. The reality is different. 

Dental insurance covers a certain percentage of every procedure you have, and there is an annual limit on how much they will cover in total. Therefore, dental insurance is more like a coupon code for your dentist’s office. It is not a comprehensive policy. 

  • You should put off procedures to save your money. 

Since dental insurance only covers some of your dental treatment costs, you must pay some of it with your out-of-pocket money. Insurance companies come up with different and “better benefits” every year, so it can be tempting to want to put off treatment for the next year to avail of the maximum treatment costs. However, this plan may backfire. 

When you put off treatments, your dental health may worsen with time. You may eventually have to spend even more than you initially needed to because your condition requires more extensive treatment. 

  • Dentists and their staff members are responsible for keeping track of your benefits. 

You may not read your dental health policy terms, thinking that your dentist and their staff will read it out to you and provide you with the benefits on their own. Do not make this mistake. While it is true that your dentist will know the basic terms of your insurance, the actual contract is between you and your insurance provider. 

Dentists cannot play a role in increasing or decreasing your benefits, nor do they know what is and what is not covered. To know what your plan covers, speak to your insurance provider. 

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