Possibilities Of Getting Heart Attack Because Of Over Consumption Of Alcohol



Can Alcohol Cause a Heart Attack? Study found that the risk of heart attacks rose within hours of consuming alcohol. Light consumption, on the other hand, had just a short-term detrimental effect on the heart. Within 24 hours, the potential risks involved with light drinking decreased, and the risk of cardiac arrest was probably decreased by 30%.

Excessive drinking, is from the other extreme, was linked to a higher risk of heart disease. In the 24 hours after consuming, having 6–9 glasses more than tripled the risk of heart attack and death. In the week after alcohol intake, heavy drinkers had a 2–6 times higher risk of cardiac events than non-drinkers.

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood arteries. The heart pumps blood around the body via various blood vessels, which include blood, platelets, and internal organs.

Liquor, which is carried immediately into the blood flow mostly through the gastro intestinal tract, is delivered to all regions of the body through the blood. Alcohol has an effect on the heart and lungs. Alcohol can induce a brief rise in heart disease and high blood pressure when consumed.

Long-term, excessive drinking can result in a rapid heart rate; heart problems, weakening heart tissue, and increase in blood pressure. All of these factors can raise the risk of an alcohol-related heart attack or stroke.

Heart Rate Has Risen

The frequency of heartbeats per min is referenced to as heart rate. The manner the heart is pumping is the duration between heart beats – might be affected by alcohol. Tachycardia can be caused by heavy drinking on a frequent basis, according to studies   Regular periods of heartbeat can develop blood clots, which can lead to heart failure or death, based on the duration, time, and duration of the occurrences.

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