Guide to Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Vardenafil Online


BlueChew has opened the doors to even more safe, convenient, and discreet erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments by adding Vardenafil to their offerings. Now available as a part of their online service, this ED drug can help consumers get and maintain an erection whenever the right occasion arises. Ready to get started? Here’s all users need to know about getting Vardenafil online.  

How Vardenafil Works

Vardenafil is the active ingredient in the brand-name prescription medications, Staxyn and Levitra. Like Tadalafil, this drug inhibits the production of the PDE5 enzyme. Without that enzyme, the body can more easily relax the penile muscles and bring blood flow to the penis with sexual arousal. Users will have a better chance of getting and maintaining an erection firm enough for sexual activity.

BlueChew Vardenafil Plans

To get Vardenafil online, users just need to sign up for one of the plans from BlueChew, such as:

  • Active: 4 chewable 8mg tablets monthly  
  • Busy: 8 chewable 8mg tablets monthly
  • Popular: 15 chewable 8mg tablets monthly
  • Pro: 30 chewable 8mg tablets monthly

All the chewable Vardenafil tablets come in a bright minty flavor that makes it even easier to chew it and do it.

Upon signing up for a plan of choice, users will speak with a licensed medical provider and then get a prescription for their preferred ED treatment. Once that’s done, they’ll get chewable tablets sent straight to their door in discreet packaging. It’s that easy!

Top Things to Remember When Taking Vardenafil Online

After getting chewable tablets prescribed by BlueChew, keep the following things in mind to have the best ED treatment experience.  

How Long Vardenafil Works

As users get ready for a special occasion, they must time their Vardenafil dosage correctly. Ideally, they’ll want to take the medication one to four hours before they think the magic will happen.

Oftentimes, the medication works within 30 minutes, but it’s best to play it safe by taking it at least an hour before. The medication remains active for about four to six hours, helping men get an erection when aroused.

Best Ways to Take the Chewable Tablets  

Chewable Vardenafil tablets are quick and easy to take on demand. Users just need to pop them out of their discreet package and chew – no water needed. The minty fresh flavor will brighten up tastebuds while the medication gets busy circulating through the system.

Remember that food can impact how quickly the tablets work. So, try to take it on an empty stomach whenever possible. Don’t drink alcohol before taking the tablet, either. Otherwise, users will have a much longer wait for the main activities to begin.

Potential ED Treatment Side Effects

Like with all medications, Vardenafil comes with a risk of side effects. The most common side effects are minor and include headaches, backaches, muscle pain, nausea, stuffy nose, dizziness, and a rash. Abnormal or blurry vision can occur as well.

Sometimes, medications can cause more serious side effects, including an erection that lasts more than four hours. If that happens – or someone has any other immediate concerns – go see a medical professional immediately. Upon experiencing any minor side effects, contact a licensed medical provider through BlueChew to notify them of the issue.

If users have problems with Vardenafil, it might not be the right ED treatment. Fortunately, they have other options to consider through BlueChew, all of which can get discreetly delivered to their doorstep.

Ready to Treat ED with Vardenafil? BlueChew Can Help

If someone wants to be ready for whatever sexy times come their way, all they have to do is sign up for BlueChew. A popular ED treatment subscription service, this platform allows consumers to decide how to give themselves the care they deserve.


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