What Are the Main Causes of Alcohol Related Blackout?


It isn’t uncommon for a person drinking excessive alcohol sometimes feels they aren’t able to control their body’s actions and can’t remember what they did while drinking the toxic substance. These kinds of alcohol induced blackouts are dangerous as the person may harm themselves or others. The level of toxins shoots up and the person feels dizzy and the effects are similar to temporary amnesia. During this time the brain is unable to record the actions or store them in memory. 

Many don’t like drinking to black out thus, the best way to end these scary moments is to join a well recognized rehab center like Detox to Rehab health care specialty establishment. The main cause is alcohol contents, which damage the brain parts that are responsible for creating memories and storing them. Hence, the person doesn’t remember anything that happened while experiencing the after-effects of excessive consumption of alcohol. 

About why the blackout occurs and its effects

People aren’t fully unconscious during a blackout however there are chances of them falling asleep or unconscious after sometime. Sometimes the person may have a vague remembrance of the occurence during the blackout. There are also chances of not remembering at all even if someone reminds the happenings. It is dangerous and partial memory loss is a sign that indicates the possibility of permanent brain damage if the alcohol consumption isn’t stopped. 

The causes that make a person blackout while drinking alcohol:

  • The kind of alcohol. More concentrated or inferior quality alcohol is the culprit. 
  • An underweight person’s body can’t withstand the toxin effect of the drink. 
  • Faster consumption of alcohol makes the person feel dizzy and eventually blackout. 
  • Over consumption of alcohol daily.

All these issues related to blackouts because of consuming alcohol can be avoided by availing treatment in a highly reputed rehab centre.

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